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With my third baby, I didn’t think I needed any postpartum help. Thank goodness, my husband convinced me to hire a doula. Her services were invaluable to our family!

Tonja provided doula services for our family for about a month after my last pregnancy she made the process much smoother and less stressful for me and my husband I cant imagine doing it without her. The wealth of knowledge she had and just a kind sympathetic person to talk to were such a relief and on top of that she helped me take care of the little but important things around the house such as grocery shopping and cooking and even cleaning, doula services are a must have for any future pregnancies I might have.

The doula’s support brought order to the day and she gave me reassurance and more confidence because I was able to talk about different mothering issues. The weekly grocery store run was a real blessing to my husband and I.

Let us be your instruction manual for that new bundle of joy!