As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”, similarly it can take a team of professionals to support a mom in her postpartum period. We have compiled a list of recommended mental health professionals, tongue-tie providers, and photographers that can come alongside you and your family. You will also find a list of helpful articles about breastfeeding and the postpartum period on this page.

Maternal Mental Health

Tongue Tie Preferred Providers

Brenda Keep, APRN, CNW, WHNP-BC (Waco, Tx)

Austin Green, DDS (Waco, Tx) 

Jared Poplin, DMD (Austin, TX)

Stacy Cole,DDS (Fort Worth, TX)

Liliana Lucas, DDS (Austin, TX)

Evy Guerrero (Austin, TX) 

Helpful Postpartum Articles

Is this normal?!
7 Things Your Postpartum Body Will Do That Are Signs It’s Healing Normally

Just laugh
9 Postpartum Moments That Prove You Can Laugh Your Way Through Anything

Post-partum doulas are the latest must-have accessory for new moms
Growing trend in New York emphasizes the benefits of early help for new moms.

5 Ways to Improve Your Early Postpartum Health
Positive things you can do to improve your health in those early post-partum days. Read this informative article and lay the groundwork pre-partum for helping to improve your post-partum health. Includes “Get Support”: Contact me today to book your doula service!

What To Expect During the First Six Weeks
An interview with Dr. Cheryl Zauderer, author of Maternity Leave: A New Mother’s Guide to the First Six Weeks Postpartum, about what happens during the first six weeks, to help new and expectant mothers feel ready and put their minds at ease.

NY Times Magazine – The Secret, Magical Underwear That Only Moms Know About
Something that can help make your life in the days immediately following childbirth a bit easier!

 Helpful Breastfeeding Articles 

Pumping Strategies: Maximizing Your Output
Wondering how to express more milk while you pump? These quick easy strategies can help you maximize your pumping output, making pumping as easy and as comfortable as possible!

Latching: Using a Nipple Shield
Learn how to latch a baby correctly using a nipple shield.

Supplementation: SNS at Breast
In this video, learn how to supplement your baby at the breast when he/she isn’t getting enough while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Positions: Tandem Breastfeeding
In this video, learn how to tandem breastfeed an infant and a toddler.

Babywearing While Breastfeeding: Newborn in a Ring Sling
Tips on breastfeeding while babywearing.

Natural Breastfeeding: For An Easier Start
A complete breastfeeding education program. offers a wealth of trusted advice and support for breastfeeding moms. provides frequently updated information on breastfeeding-related topics, including news and current events.

Doula Resources

DONA International certifies doulas and also provides helpful information on doulas and other postpartum topics.

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