Feedback from some of our satisfied clients

We came to Tonja when Denver was around 6 weeks old and having a ton of issues with feeding. He wasn’t gaining weight and I was in a terrible amount of pain! I was physically and mentally exhausted. Through all of your efforts, we have been able to successfully breastfeed for nearly 14 months now with no end in sight! Denver is happy and healthy and so much of that is because of you. I just wanted to let you know that I think about you and recommend you often. You really did make such a big difference in our lives. Here is one photo from the day before he had his tongue tie revised, 6 weeks later, and then 2 more recent photos! Thank you again.


Tonja has been such a blessing in our family and to me personally, honestly saving me from what probably would have been a traumatic postpartum depression after our first daughter, Grace, was born in May 2019. Again, she was like an angel ministering to me and a blessed support for all our family when our second daughter, Gail, was born in January 2021. Due to a severe knee injury that occurred between the two births, I really needed and valued all the doula support. Even more so, Tonja mentored me in many ways and the Holy Spirit will often call to mind the different encouragements or even gentle (yet very needed) corrections that Tonja spoke to me during those newborn days. On days when there is more hard than joy and even when I contemplate whether I’m doing the most good by staying home with these littles, I’m reminded of Tonja’s encouragement to stay the course and rely on God to help me raise them according to God’s Word and ways. “Thank you” simply does not seem enough but I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude.


Ok…friends in Waco who are pregnant or have a friend or family who is…I can not say enough good things about Post Partum Doula services of Waco. For the past 3 months since having Hagan, Tonja Carpenter has been there to help support us through this transition and has been a huge blessing to our whole family & been a huge part of what has made this transition the easiest so far. From helping with laundry, dishes, making a delicious meal every time she came (what Mom of littles wouldn’t want that?!) to watching the boys so I could get a peaceful shower without interruptions (again, what mom of littles wouldn’t want that?!). But the most valuable part of having her come is the wisdom and guidance she provided in caring, not just for Hagan but also for our whole family. She helped me notice ways that I could give each of my other boys special time, encouraged me in how to raise them to honor and obey, and read books and played imaginary games with them. She checked in on my husband Brandon and in the beginning when he was home with us, made sure he took some time to get out and recharge for himself. And as for me, she always knew how to ask the right questions and make sure I was taking care of myself physically, spiritually and emotionally and encouraging me to abide in Christ, which is something I have really grown in since having Tonja in our lives.

-Kristin H.

We aim to please siblings, too!

If you, or anyone you know of in our area, is having breastfeeding difficulties this woman right here is a literal God send! Tonja at Lactation Services of Waco is very gifted at what she does and has helped improve our nursing journey tremendously. I could tell some stories from the last two weeks that would make you cringe, maybe cry, you’d definitely feel sorry for us lol. As recent as last night I was struggling to feel like things would ever improve and I aalllmooost said forget it but after our third visit this morning I feel renewed and (mostly) ready for the challenges ahead. Tonja has empathized with me, encouraged me, cheered me on, and prayed over Evelyn and I many times. We’ll continue seeing her as long as we need to and I am beyond thankful she is an option for us. So yeah, store this woman in your memory bank in case you or anyone you know needs an IBCLC. She’s gold.

The doula’s support brought order to the day and she gave me reassurance and more confidence because I was able to talk about different mothering issues. The weekly grocery store run was a real blessing to my husband and I.

-K. Milton

We were so glad to have Tonja’s help during the first weeks with our new baby. Tonja gave us practical advice and tips about breastfeeding, making sure the entire family’s needs were being met, and even how to do simple tasks (that can seem daunting to a sleep-deprived parent) like giving a newborn a bath. She was a cheerful and happy presence in our house that provided major stress relief. During those early days when everything was a blur, she gave us comfort and moments of rest. Even just holding the baby while mom showered helped everyone to feel human. The delicious breakfasts that she made were like a miracle that filled us up while draining away worry. We were so grateful to have her as our postpartum doula.

-The Steubenrauch family

Serious and silly…. all in a day’s work!

Tonja provided doula services for our family for about a month after my last pregnancy she made the process much smoother and less stressful for me and my husband I cant imagine doing it without her. The wealth of knowledge she had and just a kind sympathetic person to talk to were such a relief and on top of that she helped me take care of the little but important things around the house such as grocery shopping and cooking and even cleaning, doula services are a must have for any future pregnancies I might have.

-Amanda M.

Becky was such a huge help after the birth of our first baby. She helped make the transition to parenthood less overwhelming by merely her presence in our home. She helped prepare my lunch, tidied up around the house while I took a nap, and loved on my baby with such genuine affection. She listened as I processed my fears and concerns about being a new mom and responded with such love and affirmation. She has a wealth of wisdom and was such a blessing those first few weeks at home.

-Kayla Schwartinsky

Having Miss Becky as my postpartum doula was one of the best decisions I could make for myself as I prepared to welcome Baby no. 2 to the family. My postpartum experience with my first child was less than ideal, and I learned that sometimes you have to be your own advocate to make sure you have the support you need. Miss Becky was such a help to me, just by being a listening ear, a reassuring voice and an extra set of hands when I needed it most. Often, I would simply leave her with my sweet little son, so I could do an herbal bath, take a shower, eat a meal or rest. Those moments left me reenergized and ready for the next shift of tireless work with a newborn and 2-year-old. Although many of us have family helping, there is something about hiring someone that really empowers you as a new mom to say, “okay, this is what I need right now.” I truly wish all new mothers could experience the help and support of a postpartum doula like Becky.

-Courtney Scrivano

Last year in 2018 she was able to meet with me after my daughter was born naturally. Because there were many years in between her older sister and her there were new issues that arose that I did not remember how to address. We discussed ways to set up mini stations in my favorite nursing areas with diapers, wipes, snack, water for me so I could nurse without much interruption. There were so many things that I didn’t think of that Mary was able to shed light on so that my day could be less stressful. She was also able to teach me how to utilize odds and ends in my fridge and make a meal. That saved us money which in turn led to less financial problems which lead to using extra funds to pay dept. All the small ways Mary helped our family led to bigger effects and successful outcomes. Mary also was a cheerleader of sorts encouraging all of us through the transition of a new family member. There is so much more I could share about the positive effects of having Mary there to help babies, moms, and families!

-April Strickland

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